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Sra. Sager

Estimados Estudiantes y Padres:

¡Hola! Welcome to Spanish Language class!  I have been teaching Spanish for the last 9 years and taught English Language Learners for 4 years before that in the Boston Public Schools.  Our Spanish classes are always filled with students excited to learn the language for very personal reasons.  Some of you, like me when I was your age, have never studied Spanish before, but want to learn a very common language in our country that maybe some of your friends or family speak. Also, some of you grew up speaking and/or hearing Spanish and want to improve your language abilities. I am excited to meet your needs and help you to grow to the level of language proficiency that you desire!

I have degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Boston College. I have attended La Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador while studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador.

I love reading, being outside, going for walks, doing Martial Arts and spending time with my family and friends.

I am looking forward to meeting each of you and learning more about you and from you!

Sra. Sager