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Getting to know Mr. Roach

Mr. (Brendan) Roach has been a teacher at Snowden International High School for ten years. Mr. Roach is licensed to teach High School Math, High School History, and Special Education students. He has advanced degrees in both education and leadership/administration. Mr. Roach is member of the ILT and has worked with the school's leadership in the past.
Mr. Roach's 2020-21 School Year Classes and Google Classroom Links

Class Google Classroom Link Classroom Codes
1st Period 9th Grade Math luw4l75
2nd Period 9th Grade Math 5v3lbpd
3rd Period 10th Grade Math op3s3oo
6th Period 10th Grade Math zbfkmne
7th Period 10th Grade History 2tspfmy
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Brendan Roach