Katherine Seo » Geometry


Geometry is all about shapes and space!
Your algebra skills are still important in geometry. You will get a chance to use a variety of math tools to measure and create shapes. 
This year, we will be using a new geometry curriculum called the Mathematics Vision Project (MVP).
  • Computer
  • Binder
  • Notebook paper
  • Pencil/ Pen
  • Calculator (phone works too)
Your attendance to class is necessary. You will only have my zoom class twice a week.

You will be marked present on Aspen when you log into zoom class through CLEVER. Make sure to come to zoom class on time. If you know you will be absent, please let me know in advance.

There is classwork for every class.
You are expected to complete your classwork during class time for a completion grade. 
If you need extra time, please let me know.
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to complete the classwork ASAP (or else it will be a zero).
I will post homework every Sunday night but won't be due until Friday midnight.
Classwork and notes will help you on your homework.
Homework will be graded for accuracy or completion.
One point will be taken off for each day late. 50% is the lowest grade you can get on a late homework.
Quizzes and tests will be given throughout the unit. Please study for them!
If needed, you will have a chance to corrections for a higher grade.
If you are absent, you will have a chance to do a make-up quiz.
If you don't take them by the end of the term, you will have a zero for that quiz/test.
You need to get C- or above to pass class.
Zoom Etiquette (15%)
Participation (20%)
Classwork (30%)
Homework (15%)
Projects (15%)
Quiz/Test (10%)
*This can change throughout the year*