Yearbook Club

Each year's Yearbook Committee has a book task to complete. As of now we have limited time, little more than 4 months to complete Yearbook 2016.  I ask everyone to cooperate with one another. Our goal is to have Yearbook 2016 done beautifully before deadline set for June 10th 2016.

To Do List for Seniors: 
Please help with Yearbook 2016 by taking one or more of the following roles:

Decide on the theme for the book cover. Kayla has submitted her design.
Whether or not to have baby photo pages, if so, who is responsible to collect them 
Portrait pages (with quotes or not). This decision affects the book layout. Make sure you pass all courses so your name will be on the graduates' list before our deadline.
Kim Han is going to take faculty photos starting tomorrow. 

Selfie pages (how many?)
Academic pictures (who will take pictures for different classes?)
Who will go get sports pictures?
Any school travel trip pictures besides China Trip?
Ms. Osol will take senior portraits this year. Hopefully, we can start soon.
Superlatives page (how many?) how to elect? We have categories list, which needs you to agree upon. The voting should be organized by senior officers.

Please send all photos to   We have set up this new email for you. Please have your full name in when you send, so your name can be printed properly.

Any questions, email Ms. Liu at