Visual Arts 2

Ms. Allen

Arts at Snowden International at Copley


The International Baccalaureate diploma program is a two-year international program that grants diplomas to students who have successfully fulfilled all the requirements. IB diplomas are prestigious and are recognized at many colleges and universities.  Snowden International offers three higher-level classes. Higher-level classes are English (literature), History, Theatre or Visual Arts.  Because Snowden has an IB program arts education is an essential component of our school curriculum.  Snowden International is one of two Boston High Schools that offers a two- year arts honors visual and performing arts program.

List of art classes offered at Snowden International:

Sophomore year- Highs School Foundations in Visual Art

This class introduces the elements and principles of art and design. A strong focus on portrait drawing, perspective drawing, introduction to painting, an overview of the IB Arts Honors program with a culminating independent art project.

IB Theatre Diploma Program (year 1, 11th grade)               
IB Theatre Diploma Program (year 2, 12th grade)               
Digital Photography  two sections a full year, 11th and/or 12th        

IB Arts Honors Program (year 1, 11th grade) full year

IB Arts Honors Program (year2, 12th grade) full year

Arts club meets after school on Mondays (all grades are welcome)

Creative Approaches and the Learning Environment at Snowden

Multiple creative approaches to learning are provided within the visual arts program. For example, the IB visual arts curriculum invites students to work independently on their own themes, allowing students the freedom to explore multiple art processes. These projects creatively documented in the student’s workbook/journal. The assessment holds the student accountable for supplying adequate source material, process analysis, and personal reflection.

Students present and exhibit their projects to the class on a regular basis. This allows students a chance to practice presentation skills as well as show off their creativity. Many students incorporate poems that they have written as well as music to support their projects.    

The art program is housed in Room 101 in the Main Building. Old casement windows, adorned with purple and white lights, funky lampshades, color wheels, and other memorabilia hang from the ceiling to give the space a comfortable artsy environment.

Arts Partners at Snowden


BPS Arts Credit Bearing Program SY18-19

Press Pass TV
This will be our second year working with Press Pass TV through theaters expansion grant.

North Bennet Street School- After school Jewelry making arts program offered to nine sophomore students. This is a pilot program that we hope to expand.

This newly formed partnership is offering nine Snowden sophomores an opportunity to explore a new pilot jewelry arts program.  

Artward Bound at Mass Art

Artist for Humanity  

Huntington Theater:  This will be the sixth year of our grant and it is centered around our participation in the National August Wilson Monologue Competition.

Lyric Stage Company:  we are developing ways to collaborate and benefit our Snowden community and the Lyric Stage Company.


Emerson College:Project "I Dream" reaches out to a more young audience. 

Arts Teachers:
Nancy Allen, Visual Arts
Laurie DeMarco, Theater