Travel Study


All students at Snowden must have a valid passport. The opportunity to travel study is a primary curriculum feature of the Snowden International School. Travel study allows students to gain first hand experiences with people of other cultures. Through travel study, Snowden students gain a greater understanding of other cultures, themselves, the universality of family life, government, art, practical utilization of language and much more.  Snowden faculty, students, and parents see travel study, “as a living classroom”. It enables our students to view their community as a microcosm of the world and to understand the interdependency of all world citizens. 

Since the inception of the Snowden International School, students have participated in travel study and student exchanges.  Each year we have increased the number of students participating in travel study.  Students who have been selected have visited: Holland, Canada, France, Germany, China, Japan, Spain, England, Taiwan, Jamaica, Mongolia, Russia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, Rwanda, Morocco and Belize.

Students who successfully apply to travel study program are selected on a number of criteria: school/community service, attendance, academic achievement, language study, and attitude/behavior.  Programs involving school-to- school exchanges require a commitment from families to host students from other countries.