Asian Club


Led by Tatyana and Vinh

Room: 304 (Main Building)

Time: 2:20-3:20pm Every other Friday

begins on October 13, 2023

Staff Advisor: Ms. Cai and Dr. Tall 

The Asian Club is a club for all Snowden students to have the opportunity to gain knowledge about Asian cultures. It is a place to bring our community together and also have fun. Our goal is not only to share Asian Cultures with those around us, but also to build unity and collaboration with other clubs. More importantly, it is a venue for students to express themselves through their own uniqueness. Since we have a small amount of Asian population in school, we believe the Asian Club will bring us together and support each other. Club members will build a relationship with others from different cultural backgrounds; making our school more welcoming. Therefore, the Asian Club will be an opportunity for us to engage with each other. Finally, we will have some special treats when it comes to Asian and other holidays such as Lunar New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid and more!

ENVISION: What / How do you see the Asian Club in the future?

We envision the Asian Club being one of the clubs in Snowden in the future after we graduate. We look forward to expanding the Asian Club not only in school, but also connecting other schools in the Boston area. Since our school does not have assembly performances, Asian Club will organize performances that will be showcased during school assemblies. Creating the Asian Club will not only help students build strong relationships, but also help us develop our leadership skills. We hope the next generation of our school will get inspired by this first-time Asian Club, maintain and improve it in the coming years. More ideas and activities will be added to our agenda as we grow including anime, dancing, traditional clothing and fundraising. We are honored to plant the seeds for the Asian Club now and will be delighted to see it bloom in the future. 
written by Jiayi and Thy
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