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Chinese Classes

Welcome to Snowden Chinese classes! 
Nihao! 你好! Everyone, 
I am Ms. Liu. 刘老师。 I teach Mandarin Chinese from beginner level to IB high level at Snowden.
Welcome to the School Year of 2023-2024! Our classroom is located in the Main building Room 304 this year. 
While learning in classroom, students are required to do the following:
  • Pay a full attention and participate in discussions.
  • Keep cellphone off during learning.
  • Ask questions and answer questions.
  • Take notes, which will be checked periodically
  • Complete and submit class assignment and homework on time
  • Be respectful to teachers and peers
  • Demonstrate proper behavior in and out of classroom 
  • Check grades on Aspen frequently and seek opportunities to improve
  • Come to after-school office-hour for help as needed 
While learning online, 
  • Please use Google Classroom to log in to our Zoom class and check for assignments. Zoom Class link is/will be posted in Google Classroom.
  • Please also check my Google site for learning resources and overall ideas of your 4 year-learning spectrum so you can be prepared. Below is the link:
Detailed Zoom class requirements: (Zoom class links will be posted in Google Classroom)
  • login with your name including first and last name
  • dress properly
  • participate in discussions
  • work with peers respectfully
  • complete and submit your assignment on time
Supplies needed for Chinese class:
  • Chromebook or laptop
  • a composition notebook for note-taking
  • pen, pencil and eraser
  • 100 index cards
  • Assigned journal book
Please feel free to send me an email should you have any questions. [email protected]   I will make sure that I respond as quickly as possible. 
Wish everyone a joyful and successful school year!