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                                       Celebrating Snowden 2024 Senior Night
We're thrilled to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the incredible achievements of our winter sports athletes! Senior Night has always been a special occasion, marking not just the end of the season, but also celebrating the remarkable contributions of our senior athletes to our athletic program. Their dedication, hard work, and spirit have left an indelible mark, inspiring both their teammates and coaches. Enclosed are some snapshots from the Senior Night events, capturing the joy, pride, and camaraderie that define our team. (report and photos by Mr. Etienne)
Mission Statement
The mission of interscholastic athletics at Snowden International School at Copley is the “The Promotion of Learning.” Teacher/coaches have an important role to play in fostering the educational value of athletics. Athletics offered by Snowden are used as tools to reach and motivate students to achieve their best and to rally support within our school community. Our interscholastic programming is designed to enhance academic achievement and should never interfere with opportunities for academic success. Each student should be treated with the utmost respect and his or her welfare should be considered in decisions by the coaches at all times.